Door Mounted Basketball Hoops Reviews to Play with Your Kids Indoors

Franklin Sports Over The Door Mini Basketball Hoop

The franklin sports hoop made this with high-quality material to get products that outdo the other products in the market. The backboard is made of polycarbonate, and it is shatter-resistant such that no matter how hard you throw the ball, it cannot break. The backboard measure 17.77 x 12 inches making it perfectly good for controlling the ball.

The basketball bought with this hoop is 5 inches; the hoops rim diameter is 9.5 inches that give you enough space to score those points. The rim is a spring break kind that means you can try dunking.

The whole set is made of steel that makes it strong and durable; above all, it is designed to fit any door in any home.


wall mounted basketball hoop

This wall-mounted basketball hoop dimension is 18 x 10.5 inches. The backboard is made polycarbonate that is anti-shutter with padded foam perimeter to protect your door that you can play without worries.

The rim is fitted with springs that will enable you to feel the feeling of making a dunk at home. The hoop is bought with a 5-inch diameter mini basketball for playing and a net to be tied to the rim.

Silverback 23″ LED Light-Up

silverback hoops

This is an advanced door hoop. It has an LED light that you can turn off the light of the room and play basketball comfortably with the light from the LED set.

It keeps the backboard illuminated so that you can make those scores and also keep track of the baskets made, a super cool dual functionality. The rim is heavy duty with spring breaks that enables you to try out dunks.

It is easy to mount this set. With the silver mini basketball, it is the game time at any moment.

Silverback Mini Hoop, 23″

light up mini hoops

The silverback hoop is 23 x 13.9 x16.6 inches in dimension. It has a clear backboard made of polycarbonate to ensure it doesn’t shutter and ensure it is durable. This hoop is a perfect item for your home or office.

It has the spring break rims that mean you can try the crazy dunk, and the spring will get the rim back in position.

The extended bracket means it is super easy to mount the hoop on either side of the door. The purchased set comes with a mini basketball and a nice woven net.

Tekk Nate Robinson Monster Jam Mini Hoop

mini portable hoops

It is one of the strongest and durable mini hoop in the market. The installer spring break rims are to ensure that you can dunk like a pro in your office or room. The 24 x 18-inch ant- shutter polycarbonate board is thicker than of any other mini hoop. This is to protect the door when trying to score those baskets you might hit.

Installation is the most straightforward task that you can do on your own following the guide given. There is a 5-inch ball for playing. The product is guaranteed and has a one year warranty.

Franklin Sports over the Door Indoor Mini-Basketball Hoop

The hoop comes with one mini rubber basketball and an inflating pump to always have you ready to play. The Franklin sports hoop has a backboard made of anti-shutter polycarbonate that protects your door. The backboard has an installed LED light that gives you the court feeling.

The spring breakaway feature is to enable you to fry dunking. Its dimension is 17.75 x 12 inches that can fit any door.

ZNCMRR Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop with 3 Balls

The ZNCMRR backboard is made of PET that is anti- shutter and has excellent stability, lightweight, and high performance. The break-away springs have a maximum angle of 45 degrees, which stimulates you to feel like you are in a professional basketball court. You can dunk and shoot those three-pointers as you wish.

Included in the purchasing kit are three mini basketballs and an inflating device.

You can quickly assemble and install this min-hoop, the protective padding is for protection of the door. The backboard dimension is 15.75 x 11.8 inches, and its rim has a diameter of 8.27 inches.

There are a lot of back door mini hoops out here, with your budget you can research to find out the one that you will like to have in your home or office and go for it.