Factors To Consider When Selecting A Camping Tent

If you love the outdoors, then camping is one activity you will always find adventurous. The first requirement when you are going for a camp is identifying the location and setting all arrangements on transportation.

However, one crucial factor is where you will stay once you reach your destination. Tents help a lot by acting as temporary shelters for you and your friends. They come in different sizes and designs, which entirely depend on your preferences. However, if you are looking for the best camping tent, there are specific features you must look out for before settling to buy.

The aspects below will ensure you get a camping tent that will serve its purpose effectively.

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Types Of Poles.

The poles determine how much effort you will put in when trying to pitch your tent. Most camping tents come with poles made of fiberglass material. Despite having excellent and appealing looks, you should know the content is fragile, and in case of any harsh weather conditions, they will easily break, making your tent collapse.

Before selecting a tent, check the type of materials to ensure it is durable and will give you an easy time when setting up. Tents that utilize pole clips are far much better and require little time for pitching.


A rainfly is an additional material set up above your tent. It is essential since it will shield you and your family against rain or snow if available. It comes in two designs, which also serve different purposes. A full-coverage rainfly will offer you complete protection since its quite large hence it maximumly covers your tent.

The second option is the roof only rainfly, which has some space for letting in light but still protecting you from rain. Although both designs are valid, the full coverage is the most recommended.


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Ventilation will help you have an easy time, especially at night, since it allows for the circulation of air. A good camping tent should have a vent on the roof, at the door, and also on the window. The absence of enough vent leads to condensation in the tent, and you can quickly suffocate. Furthermore, they create a place for viewing outside. If you are planning to camp during a hot season, tents with large ventilations are the best choice.


Your choice of camping tent should come with several loops which aid in holding items like lanterns and torches. Specific ones for lighting materials should be on the roof. They are essential because they help in providing extra space for keeping things rather than storing them on the floor of the tent. High-quality tents also come with more loops outside to allow you to attach guy lines.

The factors, as mentioned above, are the most vital requirements for any camping tent to allow you to have an enjoyable time. However, there are other optional accessories like a footprint which you fit on the ground to give you comfort when sleeping. The size and design of the tent you want will depend on needs and the number of people to fit in one tent.