What is Travel Bassinet?

Travel bassinet is simply a portable baby bassinet that you can carry with you when on a holiday or traveling.

How is a travel bassinet different from a regular baby bassinet?

Ideally, a travel bassinet is portable, and it is generally more lightweight and foldable as compared to the regular baby bassinet.

advantages of travel bassinets

Can a newborn sleep in a travel bassinet?

Yes. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, newborns or babies ought to sleep in the same room with their parents, but not on the same bed for the first six months or a year.

Are travel bassinets safe?

Yes. The good thing about traveling with an infant is that you can go anywhere you want, and he or she will sleep. When you want to stay in a hotel, you do not have to pay for an extra bed. You only need the right travel basket.

In the past, parents had to get a drawer from the hotel room and pad it with blankets and use is as the bassinet. Nowadays, you do not have to do that as there are many travel bassinets that are comfortable, easy to carry, and safe.

Most of the travel bassinets are quite lightweight, and you can travel with them easily. However, not all of them are ideal for crawling babies. Therefore, you will need to do some research.

When Do You Use a Travel Baby Bed?

Ideally, you can use a travel baby bed from 0 to 3 years. It is a good idea to purchase it early so that you can have plenty of use. Moreover, you can use it as the toddler travel cot. Since you are traveling and spend most of your time outdoors, you can use a travel baby bed while at the beach, picnic, outdoors, at the park, and in your hotel room.

Who Needs a Baby Travel Sleeper?

benefits of travel bassinets

Every parent needs it. In any case, you cannot avoid travel; it will come up for one reason or the other. The truth is that using a baby travel sleeper makes your traveling a lot easier. You may be surprised to learn that there are many benefits of using baby travel sleeper, one of them being mobility. Remember that these units are designed to offer convenience and comfort.

When shouldn’t you use a bassinet?

After six months. You should note that bassinets are designed for infants below six months. Therefore, your baby should stop sleeping in the bassinet between 4 to 6 months. That is because a bassinet cannot hold a lot of weight, and it can become a safety hazard if the child rolls over.



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